General Perception Issues: Video Examination

Analysis of Force Through Video Review and Examination  General Perception Issues; Analysis of Force Through Video Review and Examination The phenomenon where an officer involved in a critical incident may perceive a weapon where there is none, or misinterpret an object as a weapon, can be understood through a complex interplay of psychologica...

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Video Distortions, Visual Principles, Force Analysis

Looming Effects Related to Visual Principles and the Effects on Video Review and Examination  Looming Effects Related to Visual Principles and the Effects on Video Review and Examination: When combined with the distortive effects of a fish-eye lens, the visual principle of looming creates a unique set of challenges and considerations for video...

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Hindsight Review and Analysis; and Memory Considerations

Part One of a Two Part  Series -  Understanding the nature of perceptual distortions and their potential impact on the appearance of an officer's real-time judgment is crucial.  ( This article is based on the above-linked video and ...

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Comparison: Body-Worn Camera v. The Human Eye

Comparing the Human Eye to Body Worn Camera Video: Have you ever done a side by side comparison of the human eye versus the distortion caused by wide angle and fish eye lenses?  We just did.  We do this stuff ever day and we're shocked. CIR's Jamie Borden and American Patrolman's Danny King took a look at the difference between the two. @...

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Critique v. Analysis

What can we get out of a surface review related to training points when we dont know all of the information

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From Video Analysis to Examination

Finding the Perfect Blend of Technicality and Specialized Knowledge For Your Agency ~ Shifting the focus from "what are you looking at?" to "what are you looking for?" ~ The Power of Video Review/Examination in Today's Digital Age Video review has become an indispensable tool in law enforcement, enabling professionals to analyze, dissect, and evalu...

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