Developing Expertise - First Steps

Click on the image above to see the conversation; Danny and Jamie have a brief discussion about where to begin in the development of foundational expertise in police use-of-force cases. Join us for our Enhanced Force Investigations Course or our Force Analysis; Video Review and Examination Course. Click on a class button below for more info 

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Enhanced Force Investigations Course

Checkout the Enhanced Force Investigations Course HERE

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OODA Loop – A hindsight analytical tool


As an experienced investigator, a national investigations trainer and a court certified expert witness I have been directly involved in or analyzed and evaluated scores of use-of-force investigations. Not surprisingly, a dominant mantra I consistently notice investigators repeating is, "What happened?" That's a critical question, of course, but if ...

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Use of Force; Policy Matters

Use of Force; Policy Matters (pre and post-incident) : As a Use of Force instructor for the past several years, as well as an expert in human factors and an experienced video analyst, I have seen first-hand the critical differences between the intended purpose of a policy and how that policy is actually applied in the aftermath of a critical incide...

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The CIR Team has logged thousands of hours of continued and focused education in the field of Human Behavioral Sciences as it relates to law enforcement and has also logged thousands of hours of documented instruction time with multiple law enforcement entities as instructors, lecturers and authors.